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Heat products

heat pack 8h
TOPSELLER price introduction; 8x13cm activated carbon heat pack
vacuum sealed - generates soothing heat up to 8 hours after opening


FIGO heat pack 12h
TOPSELLER; 8x13cm activated carbon heat pack
longer lasting with up to 12 hours of heat on the basis of improved mixture and japanese raw materials


FIGO heat belt
extensive and flexible heat pack with three-chambers-system
The multiple-chambers-system is ideally suited for the lower back, schoulders and the neck.


FIGO toe warmer
1 pair of adhesive active carbon heat packs
Improved alternative option for the customary sole warmer. It is much more comfortable to wear in shoes as the surface  is reduced but the warming effect is the same compared with the sole warmer.


FIGO hand warmer
1 pair of active carbon heat packs without adhesive surface
Perfectly suitable for gloves, jacket or trouser pockets. Popular seasonal giveaway item.